Sago Mini is a Toronto-based company making apps and toys for toddlers. I've had the pleasure of working with them as a freelance Production Artist since January 2018.

I primarily work on assets for their apps. On Big City (June 2018) I made the vehicle assets for the game along with creating the art for both the museum and construction zone areas. Similarly, when working on Zoo (November 2018) I also created vehicle assets and the art for the burger restaurant and gift shop. I then went on to design and illustrate the icon, title screen, and Sago Mini World module for Zoo. 


While working on Village (April 2019) I created and exported all the block assets for this game, then designed and illustrated the icon and the Sago Mini World module. After Village was released, I was interviewed by our marketing team for a Q&A on the website you can read here


Subsequently, on Airport (June 2019) I created the assets for our characters' luggage and their x-rays that can be seen while going through the security area of the app. I also designed and illustrated the icon, title screen, and Sago Mini World module for this app but this time I implemented the module in Unity myself. Currently working on an unreleased app.​ 


However, during my time there I've also helped on concepts for Sago Mini World's seasonal updates, completed a variety of marketing and promotional materials, contributed to Sago Mini World's daily Mail illustrations, and a variety of other tasks.


For more information, visit their website!