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Sago Mini is a Toronto-based company making apps and toys for toddlers. I've had the pleasure of working with them as an artist since January 2018.


During my time there I have not only worked on art for the apps listed below. I've also helped on concepts for Sago Mini World's seasonal updates, completed a variety of marketing and promotional materials, contributed to Sago Mini World's daily Mail illustrations, and a variety of other tasks.


For more information, visit their website!


Sago Mini

   Sago Mini is a Toronto-based company making apps and toys for toddlers. I’ve been an artist on Sago Mini’s World team since 2018. I’ve worked on 14 different apps during that time, 7 of which I have been Art Lead on.


I’ve trained several new artists and review others work on a regular basis. I work on characters, background, accessories, and more! My greatest accomplishment at Sago Mini is the Character Creator app for which I created an incredible mount of artwork that all works together interchangeably.

BIG CITY (June 2018)

The Big City app was my first app as a production artist. I made all the vehicle assets for the game along with creating the art for both the museum and construction zone areas. Additionally, I created smaller pieces such as food, blocks, and packages that appear throughout the app.


I then did the first pass on the Sago Mail images that would later promote the app in Sago Mini World.

ZOO (November 2018)

Similar to my work on Big City, when working on Zoo I also created vehicle assets and the art for the burger restaurant and gift shop. I also created quite a few smaller items such as toys, food, and hats to populate the play space.


I then went on to design and illustrate the icon, title screen, and Sago Mini World module for Zoo. I also had the pleasure of creating all the Sago Mini Mail images the would promote this game in Sago Mini World.

VILLAGE (April 2019)

While working on Village, I created and exported all the block assets for this game. After exporting, I then imported them into Unity and hooked up the game objects. I also designed and illustrated the icon and the Sago Mini World module.


After Village was released, I was interviewed by our marketing team for a Q&A on the website you can read here

AIRPORT (June 2019)

Subsequently, on Airport I created the assets for our characters' luggage and their x-rays that can be seen while going through the security area of the app.


I also designed and illustrated the icon, title screen, and Sago Mini World module for this app but this time I implemented the module in Unity myself.

You can also see my work in the series of Sago Mini Mail images I created to promote this app in Sago Mini World.

TRAINS (October 2019)

For the Trains app, I had the responsibility of creating all the train cars in the game, from concept to final product. This was a huge undertaking and I'm happy with the final result. Later in the project, I also got to design and draw three stations; the Chalet Station in the mountains, the Farm Station in the open hilly area, and the Campgrounds Station in the dense forest.

I also created the icon, title screen, and Sago Mini World module.