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Hello and welcome!

I'm Katherine, a game artist from Toronto, Canada. My education is in game design and I've been creating art for children's apps since 2018. I make it a habit to participate in local game jams and love to look at connections people make with NPCs.

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January 2018 - Present

   Sago Mini is a Toronto-based company making apps and toys for toddlers. I’ve been an artist on Sago Mini’s World team since 2018. I’ve worked on 15 different apps during that time, 8 of which I have been Art Lead on.


I’ve trained several new artists and review others work on a regular basis. I work on characters, background, accessories, and more! My greatest accomplishment at Sago Mini is the Character Creator app for which I created an incredible mount of artwork that all works together interchangeably.

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Since 2014 I've been participating in game jams on a regular basis. I find it exciting to get out of everyday patterns and try something new that doesn't have to be perfect.

Most recently, Global Game Jam and ToJam have been my favourites but during my college years Sheridan's Game Design program hosted a 5 day long jam every semester during which we would be assigned random teams. This allowed me to meet many of my peers with varying talents and learn to collaborate quickly.

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Art Fundamentals Certificate @ Sheridan College. Fall 2012 - Spring 2013.

While completing my certificate, I was introduced to many different mediums of art including painting, sculpting, digital art, and graphic design.

Game Design BA @ Sheridan College. Fall 2013 - Spring 2017

During my 4 year degree, I participated in 8 game jams, an internship, wrote a thesis on empathy in relation to NPC design, and showcase my capstone project at a variety of events and won a few awards for it.

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